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January 13 2015

Jerky Direct - An Organic Overview of the Jerky Direct Opportunity

Jerky Direct, based in Idaho Falls, ID, had become June 1st, 2004. Although, their founders and parent company have been around in the jerky business for upwards of 3 decades. Through an outstanding reputation amongst their potential customers and distributors alike they're, i think, a business that may stay strong through market trends and tribulations. In the following information I will outline their compensation plan, manufacturer product line, and conclude making use of their marketing plan. Jerky Direct

1)Jerky Direct Opportunity Compensation plan:


Each $12 Twin-pack autoshipment (required) includes a $5 commission that is paid 7 levels.
-Level 1 40%
-Level 2 5%
-Level 3 5%
-Level 4 20%
-Level 5 5%
-Level 6 5%
-Level 7 20%


Paid on ALL wholesale sales generated on your first level.


Paid on ALL retail sales generated at the internet site storefront.

Note: It just cost $12 to become listed on company in which you receive 2 packages of jerky, this is a plus.

2)The merchandise Line: They concentrate on regular, natural, and organic beef jerky. In addition they carry all natural turkey and buffalo jerky. They likewise have a distinctive line of pet treats, cool, and fruit stix which are kind of weird. Most of their products are priced 2 packages for $12. The is great since it is as well as "on-the-shelf" snack products sharing exactly the same niche. Jerky Direct reveiw

3)Finally, and above all, The Marketing strategy: From things i can gather, their only marketing strategy is really a bland website that you get along with your $12 (because that is what it is worth). In the event you walk away with any advice today, allow it be, you shouldn't send anyone to a low converting capture page like the majority of companies websites are.The online strategy is possibly the only Direct Jerky complaint I have. While their products are unique(a necessity for success), with no marketing plan you will for sure fall on your face.

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